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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
But what were they doing? What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhinoceros? (elephino)
Can I do what they were doing? I don't know. Can I explain it? Not a chance. I haven't (to date) read an explanation of any of the IS info that makes sense to me. Just "IHTBF"... and "Do a seminar with Dan Harden" (love to but currently not in a position to do that)... and similar "explanations."

Dan's actually posted some very detailed explanations over the years, as some other folks - Mike, too, has posted some good information on his blog. Most of the information is actually out there from other sources anyway, and has been for years.

Like anything else, it will make more sense with a common frame of reference. If you're trying to explain Aikido to someone who's never done it then eventually you get to a point of diminishing returns - they just have to go try it out and see for themselves.



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