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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
I don't think there is a lot of skepticism left here in terms of the value of the skills. In the case of this thread, as students like me get farther down the rabbit hole, we are asking for better explanations of things that are harder to explain, and expecting better answers for things that are hard to defend.

Like any system it can be hard to differentiate which ideas are essential elements that make a system work, and which are just opinions of the teachers that have been hitched to the system for promotional purposes. This often comes up when we start asking harder questions or when we look closely at some of the more inflammatory statements made by progenitors of the system.
Hi Benjamin,
I understand what you are saying... For me, what is important is not explanations. What I look for is two things... First, can someone do it when I attack them. Then I know it's not the uke and I can feel it. Second, can they teach other people to do it. If a teacher can say to me "Do this, then do this". And I can feel the results, then I am not terribly interested in scientific explanations. I want body centered "how to" explanations. The folks I get the most out of training with can give me that. The, if someone wants to tell me how it works in terms of anatomy and muscle / motor function etc, that's interesting on some level but really doesn't help ones training all that much.
- George

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