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Deb Fisher
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Opher wrote:

"So, what happens when you get punched? Well, those are the times when you really realize that ukemi is more than half of AiKiDo. You look for ways to receive the attack without losing any more of your balance than you need to. You look for ways to stay engaged with the situation without resisting it. Perhaps later there will also be a time for reflecting on how you got there in the first place. Can we do that with regards to the terrorists and their (our) planes? I'm not sure. I'm open for answers."

I think this is an excellent point, and strangely absent from the 9/11 spin. Yes, if many individuals 'took the proper ukemi' (not sure if that's in good taste but it really works as a metaphor), staying engaged without resisting, we could:

1. Contemplate our dependency on foreign oil and what that has done to the politics and economy of the middle east, particularly Saudi Arabia. For that matter, contemplate our national appetite for consumption of anything.

2. Have enough balance and presence to participate in the democracy that we ostensibly live in rather than hide behind another rousing (but empty) chorus of God Bless America. Have options, hold GW accountable.

3. Stop living in fear, stop being pushed around by media spin that distracts our attention from the machinations of a creepily secretive administration.

Yes, a question of ukemi... Again, it is only my opinion that we are being seriously bullied by an administration that thinks we are profoundly stupid. We can react to that better.


Deb Fisher
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