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Re: How To Teach Power & Harmony?

"As a human being, one must engage in ascetic practices ceaselessly by oneself according to one's mission. In other words, if we thouroughly study our chief guardian diety and also our own body and mind, we will begin to understand the works we must perfrom in our daily life." Ueshiba Morihei Takemusu Aiki lectures (Aikido Journal #117)

"Finally, the deities have appeared in the world. The true Age of Gods has come. We must perform our duties as the world family in order to step into the world of change where body and spirit are in harmony. We must tune our breath to our own spirit and the principle of things, and make it the purification of our soul. In other words, we must make of our given breath and spiritual home (physical body) a field where we may cultivate our spirit. Then we will be worthy of reaching God and assuming the role of the principal guardian deity to become fully active.
No matter what kind of formal guardian deity there may be, he must without exception receive his training through a physical body. Thus, we must purify our physical body as well. Then a formal guardian deity will become a principal guardian deity through spiritual work.
We are formal guardian deities which means we are like the seed of a heavenly being." Ueshiba Morihei Takemusu Aiki lectures (Aikido Journal #118)

"It is the Way to daily thank the Great God for His work and thus it is a prayer. There is nothing better than a prayer. Even when we feel ill or unpleasant, we can become refreshed and get well by offering prayers. I have experienced this through my prayers. I stand on the platform of Heaven and worship God facing to the east and heavenward. I offer my gratitude in prayer standing in the center of the Earth together with everything existing between Heaven and Earth. This is the true aikido and takemusu. This is the source of harmonious interaction between the breath of fire and water." Ueshiba Morihei Takemusu Aiki lectures (Aikido Journal #118)

"We must love for the sake of Love. We must perform our duties faithfully for the sake of faith. It is indispensable that we have impassioned faith and receive the light of faith, that is, divine wisdom. If our faith is not the harmonious union of light and heat, we will not be able to perform our duties as human beings nor be worthy of studying takemusu aiki." Ueshiba Morihei Takemusu Aiki lectures (Aikido Journal #118)

So, there you go. Prayer, purification and have faith. Become a guardian diety and asume the duty to show others how to realize heaven on earth. It's all part of the Divine Plan.

And I thought it was complicated ...

"In my opinion, the time of spreading aikido to the world is finished; now we have to focus on quality." Yamada Yoshimitsu

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