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Re: How To Teach Power & Harmony?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I had no reference to the eight meanings in the OED, I am afraid, -- It was the word the kami evoked in me. You had a desire for them -- to which you yielded = "indulged."
PAG. I think you are using "indulged" rather loosely here. Entering the Jesuits and having that final cigarette, drink, or chocolate seem to me quite different.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Or in the more technical context, the 1968 Penitentiary does seem to grant them plenary treatment in retreat.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
When I read the Doka, or the lectures on the aspects of myth, I try to turn off my analytic brain for a while and just see the images given, as they move and transition in imagery, as thoroughly as I can. Then I turn it back on again. Sometimes I put the switch on rapid cycle. Straight on ahead - random walk back, and iterate. Same as the way that the pattern of images connects Hilton's Scala, Jacob's ladder, the mustard tree, the Vine and branches, the pillar of fire, and stream of living water.
PAG. This seems somewhat schizophrenic to me. I agree that seeing the images pass by (stream of consciousness) is one way of reading a text, but it is not the only way. Since I was brought up on I A Richards and F R Leavis, I prefer their more comprehensive approach.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
But the background that I see is not blurry because my eyes lack focus -- it is blurry because it is snapshot of a moving pattern of its own. If it seems now one thing and now another that is part of what the image itself presents to be seen in its native changes. Much of what I write in this mode is in a sense a meditation on the imagery and its associations. What I write and think in the other mode is much more analytic and tends to the physical.
PAG. Two points: (1) I do not switch between any modes when I consider a text, and (2) there is much scope for woolly-mindedness here that you do not deal with.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
If I were to look for a "type" to point to I would look to Hiltons' intellectual forebear, Hugh of St.Victor, for whom the alternatives of systematic thinking from revealed knowledge and imaginative contemplation were companions and not strangers, and showed a certain indifference to established categories of more purely philosophical thought. Phronesis rather than sophia. Closer to MacIntyre, and very far from Rawls.
PAG. There is also much scope for woolly-mindedness here and it is your summarizing that is the issue for me. You link together Hugh of St Victor, 'established categories of more purely philosophical thought', phronesis, MacIntyre and Rawls. My own studies of four of these do not yield such a link, so I would need to 'unpack' the thought and see more clearly where the link allegedly lies.

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