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Re: How To Teach Power & Harmony?

"Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys" would be my fav as this does cut quick to the meat of the subject.

And yet the ring is destroyed ...

Perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree. It is not about power in harmony but it is about getting into harmony with the universe (or principles thereof). Some conclude such is possible by use of power (in the stored potential sense).

This begs the question (No, the Socratic fallacy is not a logical error) just what are the universal principles to which we have become unaligned?

You posit a definition of harmony "Unifying of opposing qualities without destroying any part of their distinctions. " Qualities of what? They are opposing because they are not harmonized and maybe they cannot ever be. Mixing water and rocks does not reduce either of thier distinctiveness and yet one is left with a mix of rocks and water and not something else. Can't mix hot and cold and get anything except warm ...

Also "Aikido is seen (by the Founder) as both the tool producing the unification and the product of its work, a form of recursive or circular reference." I never heard it put this way and I'm at a loss as to stipulate such for the sake of argument. O'sensei straddles the 'floating bridge of heaven' to modulate the divine influnce which reconciles the conundrum posed by the 2nd law of thermodynamics as alluded in my previous post. This presupposes that his conception of the divine as eperate and distinct from the universe and I'm reading and rereading Prof. Goldsbury columns to attempt to gain some clarity on this aspect.

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