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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Koshi Nage - Distance Between Nage's Feet

I have been trying to figure out how to contribute to this thread in a useful way...

Let's try this. I often find (when looking at different ways of doing a waza) that if I understand the bigger picture of the goals of a particular training group, then I can see several clues as to why they do a particular waza a particular way.

Some groups are influenced by another art, such as judo, and that will often flavor their perspectives on a waza such as koshinage.

Some groups focus strongly toward a particular aspect of training...that might be a very strong kuzushi at the very instant of contact, or starting with a very light and leading kuzushi, then strengthening that through out the waza, or anything in between. That might lead to differing ways of doing a specific waza.

Some groups will be very influenced by a strong shihan or teacher, and that person might have a distinct body type. So the group will focus (sometimes without even realizing it) on types of waza that work really well for that instructor.

All of these things can shape how the place where you train generally does koshinage. Personally, I may have my favorites, or my preferred ways, but I find value in trying out all of the different approaches.

I've done it by positioning my hips, looking up at the leading hand, then down as I cut down and lead uke over my hips...

I've done it by getting tight tsukuri, then popping uke up in the air...

I've done it by having my feet apart, and having my feet together...

What I am trying to accomplish specifically in that particular moment is what usually drives the choice of details.


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