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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
So is the bottom line go study with Dan or else you spend your life in the dark? I think perhaps it the journey is varied and every ones experience is valid and important to them.
No. That's a false dichotomy. And it is an unfair characterization. If you are doing what you think is correct then it doesn't matter if someone else does not agree with you. I can accept perfectly well that what you are doing is sincere, correct, and valid for you. I am capable of disagreeing with someone while doing something different. You seem to take disagreement as condemnation.

It's a complex world, complex topic, lots of people doing different things, and lots of people doing it for very different reasons. Now let's all hug, sing kumbaya, and go on our merry ways.

Some topics are difficult to discuss. Sometimes people think you're criticizing what they do because you do something different from them. Which makes discussing why one thinks a certain path is better for them sometimes fraught with danger. Thar be dragons...

Exit, stage right...
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