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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

Alberto wrote:

So my point is simple and practical if there is somebody interested in knowing how to deal with the scenario of a skilled puncher (and we have threads on the forum that wondered about this) the answer is that to be ready to deal with skilled punchers it is as simple as this namely you need to introduce into your workout the routines that skilled punchers use to make their ways through punches (#1 to #7)
You simply need to develop ways to defeat his strategy. Lots of thoughts come to mind. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Always cheat...always win. OODA, etc, etc.

Sure, warriors need to be in shape and must know how to do the things necessary in order to win the fight.

Another platitude...."a man's gots to know his limits."

Anyway, I think it is a wrong assumption that you need to learn how to box in order to defeat a boxer. I simply need to understand his strategy and figure out what I can do in order to defeat it. If you watch carefully the evolution of MMA from UFC 1 - UFC 6 closely, you can see this evolve with skills, paradigms and rules in the golden years of MMA. today in MMA it has become a very close science of "inches" versus "miles" in differences.

There is a reason there are no purist such as boxers in MMA and it has gravitated to the tactics that are seen in MMA. Some of it has to do with effectiveness and efficiency some of it has to do with the rules and environment. However, mainly it is that specialization has proven to not be a good thing in less constrained environments. MMA I think everyone will agree is less constrained than boxing. And real fights are even more less constrained than MMA.

Now if I am boxing a boxer then yeah I probably ain't gonna do so well if I am playing by his rules. However, if I am not constrained by his rules and he is not familiar with my world...well then I might very well, most likely, have some advantages.

it really all goes back to Musashi and Sun Tzu in the end.

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