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Re: Soft vs hard (correct?) kote gaeshi?

Kotegaeshi is probably the only technique that I am relatively good at, aside form a couple of arm locks.

I have found my kotegaeshi is effective if I can manage to do all these things (which can be done, within less than 2 seconds)

1) incoming adversary limb: i will parry with the opposite arm and move the parried limb above my head so to place myself lateral to it.

2) incoming adversary limb, my same arm gets lifetd so to place my hand in front of my nose - as i move his arm around with my opposite arm (point 1) this would reduce the chances of making uke's hand slap right onto my nose in the process (which may happen frequently - please note that if uke is using a weapon, you may get slashed anyway: take your chances, because it's a fight.)
ps make it happen at times, it may be startling so you must get used to a sound slap right under your nose tip and yet keep your focus.

3) as I rotate ukes arm to place myself lateral, i tenkan slightly.

4) i find now myself with my opposite arm, which parried, placed on his hand (also if you parry on his armpit, as you rotate uke's arm your hand will slide along it). My other arm whose hand was placed under my nose is now on uke's arm too because i tenkan(ed) to get lateral, my elbow pointed against his face (yeah, in a real situation you could hit him in the face with your elbow too, if necessary - not to harm, but to make him more unbalanced: say you did an atemi with your elbow?).

5) With your body, step a bit forward so to push uke a bit with your chest to be sure you're making his balance unsteady as you hold his hand with the opposite arm that parried.

6) in the meanwhile your other arm slides along uke's arm, and sliding you end up catching his wrist with that hand also.

7) now, by all accounts, once grabbed his had with both your hands rotate upward his hand. To do this it may also happen that you raise his arm (although in some settings rotating uke's arm in order to make a kotegaeshi is something not to do because it just gives to him more opportunities to hit you with his other hand - he has two, you know- , in this case you're actually placing his arm, by lifting it, in the way of his other hand making thus nearly impossibile for him to hit you)

8) down with the kotegaeshi - sharp and merciless movement (you will see that at this point, doing this, you will also naturally "tenkan"in the other direction, slightly at least) and both hands must contribute, the one on the wrist to push it towards your hip, the other hand to apply pressure. Normally at this point I don't conclude, there is no reason to throw once you know that the throw will fatally ensue (keep in mind that an effective kotegaeshi may make uke land on his neck...)

ps: uke keeps his wrist terribly rigid. Go ahead with point 8 anyway! You will throw him even if you feel less confident about it!

It is a terrible technique, which may fail, normally, only in one circumstance: that you are the one who is fearing it, feeling its power and the amount of self-confidence it demands, whilst it ought to be uke to be worried about it, not you... yet it happens that it is oftentimes you who is afraid.

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