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Re: Resistance?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
When I play push hands and I have freedom to move, I can be stopped by someone.
That seems contradictory to me but maybe I'm just not seeing what you're getting at. If you maintain your freedom of movement are you, by definition, not being stopped ?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
If I have been training for 20 years, ikkyo should never work on me unless I let it.
Doesn't that depend on the context of the situation in which ikkyo is attempted (kata/randori)? And doesn't it also depend on the relative skill of the people involved? Your assertion seems to conflict with your next sentence,

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
In both cases, I have learned something valuable - I can improve.
Improvement is a two way street in Aikido. One improves as uke, one improves as nage (hopefully, why else train?). At some point does the ability to improve as nage hit a plateau whereby nage is no longer able to apply ikkyo to a sufficiently developed uke?

A more concrete example - do you envision a time when Satome sensei will no longer be able to apply ikkyo to you unless you let it happen?


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