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Re: Resistance?

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In post 75 (, Carl Thompson linked to a document ( which describes some of the details of the "agreement" that is typically used in the Iwama lineage.
After reading this it struck me that what's described in the article is what Maruyama sensei referred to as logical resistance. On the flip side of that coin is the application of force by uke in mind/body coordination exercises. Most of the partnered mind/body exercises involve uke pushing, pulling, compressing or lifting nage in various positions. The purpose of the exercises is to enable nage to develop an awareness of center and be able to use the power of an integrated mind and body to resist or give uke's force back in order to move from a static position to a dynamic position.

The amount of force applied to nage is appropriate with nage's experience and ability. Over time as nage becomes more adept at dealing with applied forces, the intensity of the applied force is increased. It's important that uke learn to regulate the pressure and not overwhelm nage. No one learns or improves in that scenario.


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