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Re: Shirata Biographical Article

Huh? When did this happen?

Doug's hard work prompted me to put up some more pics of Shirata Sensei on my Facebook page all the more so since the original article contained many stunning photographs that unfortunately didn't make the AJ article. The quality was very poor but for some of us, nevertheless, very interesting.

There is one photograph taken in the garden of a rather large, traditionally built house. Presumably this is the Shirata residence. The Shirata family is posing for the camera with Shirata's father and mother standing on the right. On the left there are three younger looking women (which are likely Shirata Rinjiro's three sisters) one young man on the left (either Rinjiro or his older brother) and one older gentleman on the right of the women (who looks to old to be the older brother). Then in the middle, together with his wife, lo and behold, stands Isamu Takeshita, resting his hands on the shoulders of two young children.
The article doesn't shed any further light on the matter alas but still, it's very interesting to see this historical connection. Maybe there are some Aikiweb readers who have the original copy of the article to get a better quality picture. It was publsihed in the Aikikai's "magazine" or maybe newsletter is a better word, named Aikido Tankyu.

Maybe Peter can chime in here cause I'm writing this from the top of my head so I hope my memory serves me right...

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