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Allen Beebe
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Shirata Biographical Article

I'm pleased to announce that the first installment of a biographical article about Shirata Rinjiro has been posted on Aikido Journal. The article was originally written in Japanese by Kozo Kaku, and has been translated into English by, someone who will be very familiar to many Aiki Web readers, Douglas Walker.

The article came to Doug through me, but came to me through Ernesto Lemke via Professor Peter Goldsbury. I'm sure those names will be recognized by many here as well.

Doug requested that the article be made freely available to all and the editor of Aikido Journal, Mr. Stan Pranin, graciously complied.

Why not check it out! (And if you haven't already, consider joining/supporting Aikido Journal.)

Perhaps, after reading the article, if Aiki Web readers are prompted to have new thoughts, questions, ideas, or inspirations, those might be posted as threads, open for further discussion, here on Aiki Web.

~ Allen Beebe
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