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Re: Having trouble sticking with training...any thoughts?

In middle-school I decided I wanted to play the saxophone. So I told my parents, "Mom; Dad, I want to play the saxophone." So they bought me a saxophone. When I first started, it was the greatest thing ever. I had fast, nimble fingers and picked up on it really well. I even earned second chair! However, at about 2 months, my progress and learning curve had slowed drastically. I wanted to quit, so again, I went and told my parents. My father, in all his infinite wisdom, told me no. He told me that I could only quit after I had finished the season - another 3 months out! So I stuck it out - and I loved it! My father had made the decision for me and it was the right one.

You don't have your father over you to make that decision for you. But stick it out for 3 or 4 months and then make your decision. You may find that because your learning curve has slowed after 30 days and the routine has become monotonous that you have lost your enjoyment in it. But at 3 months your learning curve will increase again and you will re-find what you thought you had lost.

Just a thought...

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