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Talking I'll Admit It!

I would love to have some spiritual connection to the martial arts, or a family tradition to proclaim, but alas I don't.

I did learn very young the value of a martial education, but my father whooping my butt didn't really count.

Does anyone remember the Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theatre?

I loved that stuff.... I have yet to fly 12 foot in the air or use a pony tail to kick 40 guys butt, but it did provide a spark.

I am thankfull to a very patient and loving teacher who was great with kids for finding a way to keep that dream alive while leading me on the right path.

And by the way, cheesy as it might be Jackie Chan movies put a skip in my step, and Jet li movies make me want to train all the harder. Steven Segal's movies make me go wow and head to the library or this web site to learn more...LOL

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