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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

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And, if you don't mind enterig in the realms of wild speculation on the dancing idea, what could have Sokaku learned during his tour with a circus/vaudeville group. Could have he learned something while on tour with Lulu Hurst japanese equivalents, strongmen, acrobats, dancers, impoverished (but skilled) samurai accepting challenges from any comers and the like?
BTW, Ueshiba taught dancers too and I think I've read somewhere he awarded one a high rank,
I think the story is Ushiba watched a Noh dancer and said something like.."He gets it" and awarded him 10 Dan.
I'll try to look it up.
I suppose the debate is what he saw or was looking for and no one else saw. I was a bit intrigued by some of the things I read of what was supposedly a secret school teaching. Of course you usually find out one school's secret teachings were anothers schools daily grind. And that these things were all over Asia.
Then again if the argument holds that the basic tenants of IP were all over Asia, it is easy to think Takeda got it from....all over Japan. and that Tanamo taught him aiki
We now know that Takeda told Sagawa NEVER to talk about his solo training. It was "expected" that you do that work on your own outside of pratice or teaching, with Sagawa stating it was the source of creating his aiki.
Tanamo might have done "something" in secret as well? I think it is equally "wild speculation" to easily dismiss that Takeda attributted his aiki to him. Which is why Ellis tried to pursue it.
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