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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

(Note: Here's an interesting one. A long term student of one offshoot of Kodokai asserted that Horikawa did not emphasize hanmi at all, because of his understanding that Daito-ryu/aiki was derived from Japanese dance - gagaku - at it's core rather than the sword)!!!!!!! (Just like I speculated about in HIPS, that there may be some kind of Internal training TM in gagaku, just as Tokimune asserted).This was in response to my question why many Japanese writers asserted that the Kodokai, in particular, did things differently than other factions of DR.
Forgot about this one.
Other long time Students asserted that Shizentai was used as a natural posture instead of a martial "ready" stance and since it was weaker it made you stronger. It also makes certain waist control movements prevelant. You can see some of this in Okomoto's explanations....

On the dance idea. As you know I taught a couple of dancers. One was fascinated by some of the descriptions of oppossing forces in six directions and the typcial spine work because she had read it from an old Japanese dance source. She brings in a book (too long of a story but it was part of a museum exhibition and gift from Japan to America. A translation of a Noh schools training in book form from the late 1700's. in it there it was definitive language for opposing forces from the hara and being suspended from your head in order to maintain balance and "float."
P.S. You thinking I was assigning defamation of Takeda to you was really a weird twist, Ellis? Also of Tanamo, since your source was the first, plausible, connection to possible ICMA training in Tanamo's family. Moreso when you consider I already knew about both points.FROM in hell would you think I was singling out YOU? I mean..that's pretty funny. Were you drinking at the time?
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