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Hi George,

I couldn't agree with you more. When I was Krav Maga, a lot of the gun defense included a lot of the striking that is necessary to remove the weapon. Heal palm stikes, punch the face, elbow strikes, goin strikes, etc. The key to all gun takeaways is to remove yourself from the line of fire, neutralize the threat quickly and then remove yourself from the situation.
IMO, Great observations from everyone. The best studies (ESI), ILEA, Frontsight, have used the dialectic of gun experts and martial arts experts filtered through the nexus of street experience.

When a gunfight becomes a fight with a gun, the objective of the person holding the gun should be to gain distance, the goal of the man without the gun should be to close or run for cover or concealment. If choosing to close, he must keep the muzzle from pointing at himself. Best practices are to use the gun against the shooter, use a back-up (edged weapon) tool, or make the weapon jam. There are a variety of techniques that aid in understanding how to defeat fingers, wrists, arms and whole-body postures. The principles underlying this techniques will probably be what comes out of you during the struggle.

Most robberies or intimidations with a weapon are powerful aggressive movements that overwhelm the victim's balance and strike fear in their psyche.

Nevertheless, when the game turns into a fight with a gun, the more deliberate man has the better chance of survival.

My training in jujitsu and aikijujitsu has given me excellent skills and a framework for this type of an attack. In the nexus of such an attack, decisions must be instinctive because mistakes are lethal.
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