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Re: Gungrabs

Hi Chris,

Yes, I agree, the downward angle is the best one for the expended round.

Though the best thing, in my opinion, is to deploy your weapon so that the odds of having it successfully grabbed by an opponent are next to nil, one of the easiest ways of getting out of a grabbing situation and back into the former situation I just mentioned is to perform inward or outward spirals (think nikyo or kote gaeshi) with the weapon - moving inside or outside the grab attempt. This has the person miss in the grab attempt and brings the weapon back onto the centerline for a shot - both allowing you to regain your optimal range. Once you get good at it, and it's not that hard (believe me), well, the "grabber" is just reaching for air - in real life, they are shot, and/or wounded, or dead. If they happen to get a grip on the weapon you end up employing a nikyo or a kote-gaeshi to break the grip, bringing your weapon back onto the centerline - and they are shot and/or wounded, or dead.


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