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Re: Gungrabs

In the video, the moves taken from Aikido?

I didn't see the first move very well. To me it look as if the guy holding the gun could get a shot off, don't know.

A problem I see with so many demonstrations like this is the two demonstrators are generally equal in size and weight. The moves are not bad, they work. Am saying I would like to see demonstrators not matched up in height and weight, when they are it looks like a prop. It is more interesting and believable when there are mismatched demonstrators.

What the demonstrators show is good. Even though the guy with the guy is in a static squared-off stance in close range of each other. I would not be surprised if that is the majority situation of that would face by someone. I have seen on TV cops facing a gun, it is at the onset the shooter is in a static stance. I believe if the cops where trained in Aikido they would have ended the situation quickly and gained control. There would be no fight or struggle. The moves I think would be effective against a gun. MMA don't have good moves for handling a gun. Opps. I didn't say that.....
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