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Re: When were Aikido waza named?

You would do well to refer to some of the work of Stan Pranin and Ellis Amdur for more in depth knowledge on this, as my answer will be rudimentary at best, but it goes something like this:

Daito-ryu has series of techniques named ikkajo, nikkajo, etc (there were many techniques in each series). When O'sensei synthesized his Daito-ryu into what became Aikido, he essential took one technique from each of these series and that's the Ikkyo, nikkyo, etc that we have today. Though I can't recall of O'sensei actually named them specifically, that transition would have been right before or right after WWII. That's not a pinpoint anwer, but it's as close as I can give.

The systemization of the techniques, I believe, was done by second Doshu.

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