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Re: Are you invincible if you possess Aiki?

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...... I will take more time with Shodokan exercises such as Shote awase or Hiriki no yosei ensuring the body positioning, intent and focus is understood and how those exercises translate into technique. Both those exercises (there are others) are key to developing aiki (forgive the almost pun) and although we never use the term IP there is a very distinct parallel. At the risk of the hyperbole I so despise your power of execution will go up exponentially.
Parallels don't meet anywhere near...

Joking apart though , not a bad thing to do.
I'm still amazed about the anatomically grounded rightfully essential and overt effectiveness when I look at old pictures of Tomiki doing Daito ryu aka his aikido. He must have had something in spades. Equally I still adore Yamada Senta for having represented exactly this with beauty and grace.


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