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Lari Hammarberg
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Re: What did spark your interest with Aikido?

Go kaitō itadaki, arigatōgozaimasu.

Hello Diana, end up being sorry for it? Why so?

Funny thing you brought up this thing about Hungary and the languages.. I'm fortunate to have a Hungarian friend who lived as my room mate for half a year.. They are interesting people. The main thing with languages being similar is the pronounciation. And my friend told me that long time ago, "the men from north" traded with hungarian horsemen.. So no wonder theres some similarities.

Nice to have so many of you sharing your stories.

For me the thing that got me interested was my brother, some years back he told me about Aikido, showed some things, ukemi and some simple techniques, he demonstrated some bokken kata's and so on, it looked so controlled and fluid and how quickly he was able to roll, get back to stance, perform a kata...

The speed, control of movement and how it was so.. well, sophisticated looking got me really interested. And when he told me about the philosophy of not hurting the opponent etc. got me hooked..

To bad all the other activities and laziness held me back about starting earlier. And during that time Asahi dojo did not have practice in my town. Well, doesnt matter now, better late than not at all.
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