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Re: Police Training in Aikido Needed

After seeing the clip again, if we zoom in on the other protesters we see many opportunities for a multi- attack upon the cop. I realize the target is a cop, but it really doesn't have to be. The situation is very generic in many type of struggles between two people. There are so many clips on the net that apply to the effective use and the purpose for Aikido. The situation we see in the clip isn't a life or death situation but it could become on depending on those in involved. If you can control the situation quickly and control it, it stops the conflict from going further into a more intense situation that increases all sorts of risks, and needs more time and effort to control.

I am going to apologize now, I usually don't happen to read all the respones, but I did happen to read Lynn's just now. That is a good reference as well to this thread. Which is about training for situations that lend themselves best to the use of Aikido. No matter what style you practice.

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