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Re: Great Aikido/MA Kid films

There's also "BUDO:THE ART OF KILLING" by Masayoshi Nemoto. It's rated PG...It has coverage on most of the Japanese Martial Arts.

Filmed entirely in Japan, BUDO:THE ART OF KILLING is a highly acclaimed docu-drama and a favorite of martial arts practitioners and fans alike. Highlighting the various techniques of "Budo" (Karate, Judo, Aikido, etc.), this action-packed film is a visual feast exploring the spiritual and historical traditions, training and techniques of this specialized form of martial arts. Synapse is proud to present this critically acclaimed film in a newly re-mastered version transferred from original vault materials. A must-see even for fans of Japanese history, BUDO:THE ART OF KILLING is "powerful and frequently amazing… stuns the beholder." (VARIETY)

I have it at home... and it's not too bad. Maybe a little much for 5-7 year olds, but older may be alright.
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