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Re: Great Aikido/MA Kid films

There's a Japanese movie called "Aiki" that was made a few years ago that might be just the ticket if you can find it. The main character is a wheelchair-bound young man who begins training in Daito-ryu after being paralyzed in a traffic accident. Although the film is really more of a drama about the main character's personal transformation and acceptance of himself, a good chunk of the film is used to showcase aiki techniques and philosophy, and is done quite well in my opinion. There's a very neat (and surprisingly exciting) climax that hinges on aiki technique as well, and overall I thought it was a very enjoyable film. There is just a bit of adult-level sex stuff (very minor, with no personal parts shown), and a little uncomfortable toilet stuff which, while completely appropriate for the film, may embarrass kids at a middle-school level. As always, I'd recommend that you watch the film first to decide for yourself. As for finding a copy in your home country, I'm afraid I can't help you. I'm still in Japan, where it's easy to find at the local video shop. My only guess would be Amazon or something like that. Best of luck on the search.
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