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Re: torifune and IS

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But I experience it "difficult" to do torifune this way when "adding" dantian rotation. It feels like the dantian rotation "pushes" the thumbs out of the fists. Or if there is a "contradiction".
I also experience it "difficult" when using dantian rotation to not also rotate my arms/fists around their axes. (Like Ueshiba does in the video.)
i used the aiki-age-sage (the begin of aikisage is aikiage) and aiki-sage-age approaches from the roppokai for the hands (not really the hands, as the hands express the internal things in your body - it's one of those power from the legs, control by the middle and express to the arms/hands thingy)

i believed Sigman's folks called this winding/unwinding; Dan's folks, spirals; others, take the slack out of your body and the other bugger's body; and phi's folks (which only included phi and his many other personalities) how to make this crap work like magic so we can go carousing.

it's just me. i added stuffs that i interested me, just for fun. YMMV.

*you know the usual disclaimer so i won't mention it here*

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