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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Justin Smith wrote: View Post
Why should it? Last time I checked, real self defense situations do not involve fighting other trained fighters in a ring, with dozens of rules, etc., but unplanned and unavoidable attacks in real life against people not as trained.

Of course, aikido has been highly useful to police forces, including in Japan. You know, the real world, not sport or training.

You overlooked that.
Well to do what you did to me on the Aiki'd thread...
I was asking Kevin a question about specific training as he does and agrees with the potency of MMA. It has not to do with an overall view

I could expand as it is my view -and have stated openly- that Aikido could once again be more potent then it is. But as you didn't bother answering my questions there I see no need here. Most of my questions go unanswered here anyway. But I continue to ask anyway.
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