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Angry Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

"Just do more pushups......."

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Alive. Well yes, this one I will agree with. a question that was always asked of by at least one of my OCS candidates about how to improve their push more push ups.
There are better ways to do push ups than doing push ups. There are better results to be gained from doing pushups -a certain way- over others. Both most certainly do not end in the same result.
For those who don't know any better, the answer will be "Just do more pushups."

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The only way to prepare for combat is to train as close to the actual conditions as you can. That said, in trainng you always control and set the conditions in order to correctly allow for the opportunity to train the things that you want to train..
Is this why Aikido almost always fails in dealing with trained fighters? Why it has never, and can never, enter and be succesful against MMA? It never really ever trains for someone to fight back who has meaningfull skills?
Is your logic dictating that the best viable training is MMA methodology then?
Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Well to me....once you set the correct conditions and understand your training objectives, then the discussions over internal and external become simply train to meet your objectives given the set of condtions that are present. Instructors and Teachers give you best practices, or techniques, tactics, and proceedures that have been proven to work in the particular set of circumstances in the past.
All due respect I totally disagree with this.
And no one I know who actually has internal skills would ever agree with you either. They do overlap but just ask them if they are...meaningless? Ask them if they are willing to give them up? In fact, as I have suggested over and over and over. Poll the men and women who have met Rob Mike and me. and ask them if they thought the "USE" of these skills-is meaningless.

It seems is has been their experience that Aikido (as done by them)... becomes.. meaningless when used on us. On a personal note I've not had an Aikido technique of an kind succesfully used on me in so long I consider the point moot. No I'm not saying Aikido is no good, just these skills are far, far, better; both against aiki-do and (since they are the very foundation of aiki) aiki-do.

"Teachers give you best practices, or techniques, tactics, and proceedures that have been proven to work.......
Instructors, teachers, give you what they know. And that ain't saying much. By its own logic it reuquires a neophyte to be the arbitor of who know what. Something they frequently judge simply on the surface value of what they see.

For those so inclined they can continue to have X dans show up and make small adjustmens in their waza and search in vain for the paths of power of a long dead man- through the waza of his son- I say good luck.
There is a reason that most people in the martial arts suck. The reason isn't the kata. It's not knowing the power behind it all. In order for their to be a chewy center one must first have a chewy center. Second one must be abel to reveal it. Or last one must be able to break the hard shell of a reluctant teacher and steal all that chewy goodness. I've broken a few hardshells and found nothing there.
Mike said somewhere here that he thinks that 98% of those in the arts will never get it. I think Mikes 2% is hopeful. I'd suggest a half a percent. Everyone else is teaching what they know surface waza. As I offered in my opening statement. The quality of that teachers "expertise" may just be what it has always been.
"Just do more pushups (kata)."

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