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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Combat is scripted for the most part. Scripted through strategies, doctrine, and tactics. We take the lessons learned from the past, translate them into knowledge, then wisdom, and attempt to set ourselves up with the skills necessary to win.

Within that realm we must maintain, flexibility and adaptability to adjust to the changing circumstances.

so, yes it is necessary to dissect frogs to learn what we can from them. However, the real issue is when we start forming attachment or meaning to things erroneously...such as subscribing to the liver the functionality of the heart.

Unpredictability. Not always so. we can assume a certain level of risk to a given set of circumstances. I can assume that there is a greater chance of being mugged or ambushed with a given set of conditions, time of day, place, etc. Recognizing these conditions you can better predict, mitigate, or eliminate unpredictability.

Alive. Well yes, this one I will agree with. a question that was always asked of by at least one of my OCS candidates about how to improve their push more push ups.

The only way to prepare for combat is to train as close to the actual conditions as you can. That said, in trainng you always control and set the conditions in order to correctly allow for the opportunity to train the things that you want to train.


Well to me....once you set the correct conditions and understand your training objectives, then the discussions over internal and external become simply train to meet your objectives given the set of condtions that are present. Instructors and Teachers give you best practices, or techniques, tactics, and proceedures that have been proven to work in the particular set of circumstances in the past.

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