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Brad Medling wrote:, if I seem to speak with authority, it comes from a particular experience of mine; my character exudes confidence because what I speak of, is a true experience. Now lets delve into my history. From a young age of around about 10, I studied some ninjitsu but to no real measure, from there I studied Shotokan Karate which is full contact. I then studied American Karate, and then a little of some other karate, a little judo, and finally I arrived at aikido.
Mr. Medling,

Thanks for the info. When, in the earlier post you said, " If anyone has ever trained in Japan, you will notice a distinct difference in methodology of that between American and Nihongo sensei... In Japan the sensei will demonstrate a technique fairly quickly a time or two and then you will have to do it... I find a little more instruction here in the states.", it sounded like you had enough first hand experience practicing in Japan to make the comparison. Was this in your "ninjitsu" experience at age ten or the Shotokan full contact experience?

I ask because I have some small direct experience with M. Nakayama Sensei and H. Kanazawa Sensei at the Shotokan JKA headquarters in 1966 and 67 at the old Kodokan building on Suidobashi. I thought we may have acquaintances in common. I remember strong waza with kime short of contact. I especially enjoyed playing table tennis in the basement opposite the weight lifters gym and meeting Yukio Mishima there after training upstairs.

It's too bad you came under the influence of "self proclaimed" sensei and that you earned rank you feel is bogus. Since you are contemplating opening your own dojo, though, you must have picked up some legitimate transmission from ongoing training with someone for long enough that has the real goods. What are you going to teach at your dojo? Having "made all the mistakes at one time or another" it sounds as though you have something to offer. I certainly have made a bunch of mistakes but still seem to find more in the most unexpected places.

Congratulations and best of luck.

Chuck Clark
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