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Re: Don't be the bad guy

I've been in situations that had the emotions discussed in the article. I am sure I have a lot more reading to do (Meditations on Violence has been on my list for a while, and thanks for the reference to this site).

But before that, just for discussion forum sake:

There's something here I get and something I don't get. I get the "don't be an a-hole" sentiment, and I get that often these things aren't worth fighting over. So, that means, just don't do the monkey dance, and instead get out of the situation.

But, there's this other feeling I don't get. Let's say someone is a Bad Guy, bully, etc. He does or says racist or sexist things for example, probably directed at you. Or threatens your life with his 2-ton truck because he thinks cyclists are stupid and should get lost. Or he throws trash at you.
The monkey says don't take this lying down (thinking of yourself), and don't condone or encourage it (thinking of others down the line).
So then what?

I don't need to get into a fight because I think someone is an a-hole, but sometimes there is something at work in the aggressor's behavior that seems bigger and more worth standing up for yourself about.

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