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Re: Dan and Howard in Orange County :) August 9-11

Howard Popkin wrote: View Post

Friday night at the very cold Seal Beach

We did some paired push drills. Drank some beer, laughed.

Saturday - Met some new friends.
Did some paired push drills, a few waza, got hit a bit, Drank some beer , laughed.

Sunday -
Did some solo drills, a few paired push drills, a few waza, got hit a bit,Drank some beer, laughed.

Overview -
Welcoming people, great effort, not enough time, we all suck.

Almost a perfect weekend.
What Howard brought to the training was the easily visible relationship between Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu and Morihei Ueshiba's vision of the art. Howard helped to clarify what "soft" really means and provided complimentary views to what Dan was bringing to the table.

What was very interesting is that what was being shown and trained was equally recognizable as applicable within each art whether it was Japanese or Chinese based.....weapons or empty hand.......

If the opportunity to spend time with Howard becomes available.....take it. If the chance to see both Howard and Dan together comes up make it happen...... whatever it takes on your part.


By the way Seal Beach wasn't that cold....more like cool once the Sun started dropping into the west....

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