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Originally posted by Lyle Bogin
I think one of the important lesson from this pin is to not over commit. If you put too much into holding down you uke, you can easily be rolled (grappled and dominated). However, just the right amount of extension will creat the pin and allow you to maintain you structure. As far as kicking goes, try it. If you see a problem, try to fix it or simply acknowledge a potential danger.
I would have kicked but was told not to, I was just supposed to try to use my upper body and get my shoulders oof the floor. This is why I wondered what the pin was for. My legs and hips were quite free so I could have done a number of things. My partner was turned so that she could see my lower body so she could have blocked a kick but of course one of my arms would then have been free to hit her with.
I am not critsising by the way, I was just confused about the purpose of that pin.
I can see how it is a good exercise for learning to mainain balance and not extend oneself too much(which I did). As for the ki extension which some people mentioned, I don't really know what ki is so I doubt I was practising extending it. Thanks for all the explanations, it makes sense now.


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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