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Re: aikido vs muay thai sparring video

Don Magee wrote:
You've seem some students, but have you seen the majority of students? Some is not a benchmark for success. The majority of hard sparing mma type guys do well in those situations. I'm not sure the majority of aikido guys who do not hard spar would do well against them. Of course a few will do just fine. This is not do to aikido training, they would be good at fighting no matter if they did ballet. This is not a hit on the effectiveness of aikido, just a statement about success in MMA type sparing.
Actually the other majority of the students have experience fighting, so I don't include them in the bracket I described. Either way you cut it, we don't focus on sparring situations, but it seems the solo training drastically improves performance in that area.
It's also a little disconcerting to some grapplers here that've been doing what they do for 3-4 years, have another guy come in that's had ... almost zero experience and have them unable to pass his guard(with him barely trying) or take him down.

All I'm saying is that there are people that can't handle sparring, then maybe they need to reevaluate their own training. More sparring isn't necessarily the answer.
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