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Re: aikido vs muay thai sparring video

Good comments Toms.

A challenge we will always face in training will be balancing reality with saftety. We have to constantly assess and evaluate our criteria and control measures we put in place to keep things sustainable and safe.

As our good friend Matt Thornton from SBGI calls it...aliveness....and we must train with a certain degree of this always...that is, if we are concerned with the martial aspects of the art.

If you train fully alive, you cannot sustain training, or really learn things. It's like trying to fix bugs in a computer program by running the full program over and over and producing the same error, yet not isolating out or implementing control measures to figure out where the bug is.

Contrary, if you constantly run with the controls on the program, you will never really get the program to work the way it is supposed to.

striking a balance is key. We must also be concerned with an environment of comfort and complacentency where we get false positives because we train with people with the exact same paradigm and level of cooperation. It is good to introduce new criteria, views, or levels of conflict etc

It makes you uncomfortable, makes you think, but I believe this is how you grow best.
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