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Re: aikido vs muay thai sparring video

I'm not qualified to evaluate the quality of the sparring in this video, but I thought it might be useful to note a couple of the things the guy running the show said in the clip.

First, he explicitly acknowledges that they asked the guys not to injure each other and that, therefore, the MT guy will have to hold back on the strikes. Later on he notes that a number of the strikes could have ended the fight then and there (says the same about some of the aiki guy's takedowns). He finishes with the assertion that, within the boundaries of the limitations on force, this was 'real' (not rehearsed, etc), but he acknowledges that some people will want their reality more real (i.e., everything goes). I hope this clarifies the intention/meaning of this video.

Also, apparently, the MT guy has done MT for 10 years, is the champion of Belarus in Muay Thai and a world champion of kickboxing. Didn't find any independent verification of this, though I didn't look very hard. The aikibudo guy has done it for 8 years and is a nidan.

Personally,I liked some of the things the aikibudo guy did initially; I think he got tired quickly, though, or otherwise grew demoralized. I also think the previous observations in this thread about being drawn into the other player's game are very true (I certainly observe it in myself when I play around with people who wrestle). Still, it's true that as an art-vs-art comparison, this video seems crippled by the asymmetric effect of the restrictions.

OTOH, if the muay thai guy is really a champion of this and that, the fight does not seem very evenly matched to start with. On the aikido side, for a balance between optimum skill and stamina, I'd like to see a late-20ies/early-30ies 3rd/4th dan former uchideshi/kenshusei of one of the 'harder' shihan (a Chiba-sensei student or a Yoshinkan practitioner, perhaps) go for it. Against competitive fighters, it seems that anyone who has _not_ done hard, prolonged uchideshi type of training in aikido and does not at the time of the fight train hard enough and often enough to maintain significant stamina would hardly be adequately matched even absent any distinctions of style.

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