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Re: aikido vs muay thai sparring video

Michael Varin wrote:
This is one of my pet issues. Aikido doesn't lend itself well to sparring, because the techniques have a low relevance in those situations.
What if you view aiki as being about general principles not specific techniques?
If weapons aren't present the techniques of aikido can't shine. They come from a culture where weapons, particularly edged weapons, were always carried. If I have a sword, drawn or not, kickboxing techniques are silly. If you feint you will end up just as dead as you would if you commit to a one punch KO, so you might as well commit.
I know very little about japanese sword art, but I thought there were ideas like feinting and leaving false openings in there? It's just that someone misreading a feint or trying to exploit an opening that isn't really there tends to get killed in a fraction of a second so you don't get extended cat-and-mouse jabbing and blocking like you do in a boxing ring. I might be dead wrong on this though.

In general, I suspect it'd be very interesting to try getting aikido to work on someone with basic boxing or kickboxing skills - finding out how the same skills and principles turn into different strategies to deal with the different threats (lots of quick blows with not so much body movement) and different opportunities (can you say guard hand?) that a kickboxer offers. Unfortunately for me, I guess this is going to require getting my 'normal' aikido up to a good standard before I can even think about it.

Has anyone else tried this?
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