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Re: Lifting the feet

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
I've seen the same thing in a black and white clip of Shioda Kancho. Wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks, so I'm grateful for the confirmation.

With reference to the jiyu waza clip in the original post, the Shihan demonstrates kihon waza where he moves in suri ashi with a wide stance, so I was surprised that he changed his footwork for the jiyu waza. I guess it pays to be flexible.
Shioda Kancho didnt do kihon dosa either...

As for suriashi compared to stepping: we slide the feet so that we don't loose the alignment of the hips and back and loose the weight for the throw. Stepping may cause those things to happen. The suriashi is not, in and of itself, that important. If you can step and keep the hips, back and weight - no problem.


Michael Kimeda
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