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Re: Lifting the feet

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
With reference to the jiyu waza clip in the original post, the Shihan demonstrates kihon waza where he moves in suri ashi with a wide stance, so I was surprised that he changed his footwork for the jiyu waza. I guess it pays to be flexible.
Oops... I meant randori instead of jiyu waza.

David Yap wrote:
I just watched a video-clip of Koichi Tohei sensei giving a demonstration in Florida in 1965. His uke was Yoshimitsu Yamada sensei. He was skipping and jumping all about and the mannerism of his tai-no-henko was like, "Shall we dance?" My first aikido instructor would have a heart attack watching this video-clip
Well... Tohei Sensei has continued that style of footwork in the Ki no Kenkyukai, although I'm not sure if Yamada Sensei moves in that way.
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