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Re: Purchasing a Hakama

Thanks for all of your comments. I have been a long time user of Tozando. But due to the economy, the value of the dollar tanking, and the extreme S & H cost, I have decided to buy local. I did not want a BuJin hakama because they are not the same. I was going to purchase the cotton hakama that is not listed as BuJin on the Aikido24 site.

The Trenton hakama was also mentioned. I did have one before, but it seems to me to be better suited as a back up hakama. It just seems a little cheesy. If anyone has had theirs for a long time, please let me know and I might consider it. Right now, I am leaning towards Nine CIrcles. My last option is to drive to Baltimore to the Kyotot store and purchase one from there.

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