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Re: Purchasing a Hakama

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Someone in our dojo ordered one from Aikido 24 and has had a few problems. I guess they got swamped with orders for Bu Jin stuff and they are having some issues with their tailor. But they seem to be trying to make it right for him. The new but wrong size Bu Jin they sent does not look as nice as the old Bu Jin Stuff.

Tozando is currently having a spring sale on them that might make it worth buying from them even though they are in Japan.
I'd be the one she's talking about. While it does take awhile to get things made, it does happen. And while they aren't the same as the old Bu Jin, they're still nice. Plus, they really have been working hard at trying to make sure I have a hakama I'm happy with.

I've also had problems with Tozando, but since it was the same problem I had with Bu Jin (the hakama was shorter than I expected), I can only conclude I've been wearing it wrong. Then again, if when I try to adjust it's still short and unstable.

Both are good companies, but be sure you know exactly what you're ordering before you do so. My old +3 Hakama of the Ancients was already missized and I seem to have picked up some bad wardrobe habits from it. Don't Do What Greggy Don't Does.

BTW, I've decided to keep both even though they don't fit. If anyone is looking for a 34" long new hakama....

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