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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

Sorry I don't know who Abbe Sensei learned Kiatsu from, as he spent most of his young life at the Butokukwai I can only assume it would have been a part of his studies.

In the 1990s I was in New Mexico, I was asked to take part in a stage play version of " A Book of Five Rings " at the NM University theatre. I played the part of the swordsman Sasaki Kojiro, as I was attacked by `Musashi` we were to make shoulder to shoulder contact, as we made contact Musashi bounced off me and went through the paper trees and bushes, he was in agony, on a quick inspection I saw he had a dislocated shoulder, I put the shoulder back and within minutes he was back on stage `` a hero to all the cast ``

Henry Ellis
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