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Stephen Nichol
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Re: Taiji - some rather fine diagrams.

Geoff Byers wrote: View Post
Well it doesn't appear to be doing too badly on r/aikido.

Such clear, concise explanation of body mechanics and physical principles that are common to taiji and aikido is very new to me. Quite often, I have had to rely on complex, imprecise instructions. These diagrams, shorn of a lot of the cultural trappings (Japanese or Chinese) are easier to understand, and should be widely disseminated.

They may be old hat to those more experienced, I don't know. To relative and actual beginners, however, they will come in much more useful than a long-winded explanation, or outright dissembling.
+ 1 for me on this.

This explanation along with the exercise set from the Aunkai DVDs are very useful. They help one be more aware of what they are doing when both observing the movement inside the 'techniques' of Aikido and what to be mindful of when doing those movements yourself.

So big thank you for find this and linking it here.
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