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Re: Breathing Exercises

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The clip below is from a Chinese documentary about a couple of guys who go off to learn some Taiji and then do some basic competition fighting...sort of...nothing intense. The Docu is quite interesting if you like ICMA but nothing earth shattering.

The part that really caught my interest was the chap who went off the Chen Village and there was a chap who was putting weights on his Hara/Dantian and throwing them off, he then did it with a push from the student and threw him back. (7:47 - 9:00)

Does anyone do supplemental exercises to develop this kind of power or does it manifest itself as a natural part of your training?

P.S. The sound is out of sinc with the pictures
Well, breath power (kokyu) is part of the basic idea of IS in that when you are first getting a foot in the door with the intro conditioning stuffs, you can use the breath training to illuminate the connection points throughout the body - then as you develop them and strengthen them over time, you can use their connectedness and elasticity - along with pressurizing them with the breath - to do some interesting things in both health/cultivation/wellness and martial paradigms.
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