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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Mike - that's hilarious you just did it again - you claim no great credential but fully (though silently) proclaim the right to look at what someone says and state that what they do is not ki or kokyu. Come on - you got to see that one???

I do not trivialize ki or kokyu - though I do not hold it up and qualify a person or his/her practice as meaningful based upon what kind of ki or kokyu tricks they can do.

I see things this way because I accept that there is more than one way to make any practice meaningful and also because, for me, doing a ki or kokyu trick is a far cry from actually employing ki or kokyu under spontaneous or hostile conditions. Having something be part of a skill set is not the same thing as trivializing it in total. It is merely refusing to trivialize everything else that is central to training - which is what you do. There's a clear distinction there.

Back when I actually took you seriously - in the spirit of open conversation - your words inspired me to see what you were doing - to take inventory on what I am doing, etc. In fact, they still do - the words you uttered back then (to the me that could afford you the benefit of the doubt back then). That is what these discussions are all about. So I purchased your video set on internal strength development. First, let me say that I liked them very much - as part of a skill set (which is actually how you presented such internal strength on the tapes). However, second, let me say that you are not doing anything different from what most folks in Aikido are doing who have a direct tie back to the Founder (which is a lot of folks mind you). If you do not know that - it goes back to your lack of experience with actual Aikido. From my lineage - Chiba and Iseri - you are doing the exact same thing (i.e. some of the drills and exercises are the exact same thing), but for any kind of tactical authenticity which is not present in your understanding of ki and kokyu (my opinion) - which in a way makes it very different from what most folks do with ki and kokyu in Aikido. (Folks should buy Mike's tapes, which I recommend, and form their own opinion as to this last remark.) This lack of tactical authenticity is probably what makes you lean toward ki and kokyu tricks and is also what probably makes you lean to a singular centrality of one aspect that has always been part of a larger skill set for anybody that actually wants to use the art in question in real life under real conditions.

I guess that had me chiming back in, but it was too hard to pass up the "You see, you did it again." Now you don't have to ask anyone to point out a specific example of where you do what folks say you do. You just have to see that you cannot seem to speak outside of this model of yours.

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