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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido


It's not that hard to follow - unless one has a serious case of denial.

The discussion went like this:

You said: "Well, the problem is that the clips, as good as they are, are from Tomiki's perspective of what Aikido is.... they're not from mainstream Aikido."

Peter said: " Anything I've seen in Tomiki Aikido I've seem in other major styles and vice versa."

You said: "Can you point me to Hombu Dojo clips/pictures showing that same series of atemi, then?"

Peter said: "are you telling me you haven't seen techniques done in a similar way in your Aikido travels. Three of the five are classic iriminage. Shomen-ate (first) and ushiro-ate (last) are less common but not exactly rare. Those clips are part of a kata series developed by Kenji Tomiki (while he was a member of the Aikikai I might add) from techniques that were quite typical."

You said: "I'm not sure what the discussion is about, Peter. You're supporting my comment directly by saying "Those clips are part of a kata series developed by Kenji Tomiki" (they're part of randorii techniques and mainstream Aikido does not have randorii) and yet you're questioning why I haven't seen them commonly in mainstream Aikido."

Forgetting the comment about randori for the moment - let's face it Mike, you probably don't have nearly enough exposure to the Aikido world to be making the kind of comments you always seem to make. The idea that one can have some knowledge regarding internal strength development, tying that to something a karateka said regarding kokyu, etc., will probably not even come close to turning some years of Aikido practice into a platform by which one can become THE authority on who is doing what in Aikido and who is not.

For a person claiming to be keen on being against vague conceptualizations, and for a person claiming to be keen on having reasonable discussion, you really should try to be more aware of how you always seem to feel no one is understanding what you are saying - you should also be aware of how your usual flag of "I know kokyu and no one else does" subverts all conversation. You should probably just start all of your posts with that tagline - maybe even seek to change the thread title with that tagline if you can. That way we can better positions ourselves elsewhere if we are more interested in discussion, or at least we could figure out that we are supposed to understand you while we are being restricted to not understanding you - so you can better have the monologue you so desire. Right? That has to be what you really want here? For why else would a person that is continually being reminded (by people that have for years managed to have conversations with others - with major disagreements and everything) that he is being too authoritarian actually tell one more person: "Hey, I know how to post, and you don't post like me, so you don't know how to post"? (i.e. " David.... I was going to ask you what time it is, but I'm afraid my internet cache won't hold enough to capture your full answer.")

Hey man - I wish you well, I'm just not interested in the monologues. Besides, I get what you are saying, every time you are saying it: "I know kokyu and you do not." It's not just that I don't believe it, which might have me participating in further discussions with you. It is more that I just try to live my life and practice my art so that I don't have to act out that way. It's not that big of deal, it's just a choice I make for myself.

It's just like the time - it's one time where you are at, it's another time where I am at. It's not one time for everyone, everywhere, as long as it is your time Mike.

Chiming out.

David M. Valadez
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