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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Larry Camejo wrote:
Can someone quote where this was said? My impression on Peter's claim was that the atemi waza shown in the links that Jun supplied on Shodokan Aikido were being taught at the Aikikai during the time that Tomiki was an Instructor there. So this type of atemi was part of Ueshiba M.'s atemi paradigm at a certain point in the Aikikai's development, and was also part of the syllabus. There was no mention or claim that Tomiki and Aikikai are exactly the same however.
The point of my original comment was that there is no indication that the video examples represent Aikido, Aikido atemi, etc., exactly, so to use them to define "atemi" with the added value of "percussion" was being questioned by me. So far, nothing has been said which invalidates that question. Certainly arguing that Shodokan represents the real and traditional Aikido because kata admittedly *made up* by Tomiki is the real goods, just won't fly as anything more than assertion. So let's get back to Atemi.
I guess all this shows is how little Chiba knew of Tomiki's approach to Aikido. Totally incorrect. What Tomiki himself "would use" is not what he formulated for the Shodokan Aikido system. I've heard that Chiba is an exceptional Aikidoka, but we can't be masters of everything.
I'm just not used to these kinds of debates. On the lists I frequent the most, most people would address Chiba's individual points about Tomiki Aikido rather than selectively trivializing Chiba's comments. If Chiba doesn't know what he's talking about, you should mention that to him directly.


Mike Sigman
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