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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Ian Thake wrote:
I'm not sure, but did you mention elsewhere that your instructor had a CMA background? I've read that Hsing Yi (sp?) has an explicit spear -> fist connection so being taught to move your body to power a punch in the same way that you'd power a spear thrust seems very reasonable.

(Or are you arguing the stronger position that your spear work is tying directly into all strikes - be they roundhouse kicks, elbow strikes etc?)
Actually both.

The Yari work ties indirectly into all strikes. It instills in you the skill of "sending" power "into" the persion. It is NOT percussive at all Ironically the result is much more uncomfortable, or devestating, depending on how you deliver. (Btw, this isn't theoretical, I can do this as well, and have felt the same)

The Yari/Bo training is actually fairly common in JMAs. Its just that many are unaware of it. And I dont think its any coincidence that both the Chinese and Japanese practice them.
To give you a more specific answer, the Yari training comes from Yagyu Shingan Ryu, although you'll find the same training in a lot of Koryu I think
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